A. Rosario’s travel blog. I’ll write about food, people and places.  Along the way I hope to share some photos courtesy of my very limited photographic talent and my brand new toy – a Canon 450D. Stick around and enjoy as we romp through London (briefly), Madrid, Rome, Vienna, Berlin, Prague and Paris. In between I’ll be dropping by in a few other places, too, such as Milan, Dresden and possibly also the highly recommended town of Cesky Krumlov.

So stick around and take this trip with me.


2 responses to “About

  1. Do consider visiting The Hague, only 150 nm from London:-)

  2. If you do make it to Cesky Krumlov (and you haven’t got there already!) then I would really recommend a restaurant that is basically in a cellar and smokes hams and cheeses, and partially smokes the diners too! They used to only do smoked ham and cheese but last time I was there they also did soup poured in to a hollowed out roll which I thought was pretty neat.

    Don’t know the name and can’t remember location, sorry, but sure you could ask around/check guides…

    Have fun!

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