At the Louvre

I spent most of the day yesterday at the Louvre where, instead of looking at the art works, I was busily photographing the people instead. Start here for the handful that I liked from the couple of hundred that I actually took. That said, I did stop for the Mona Lisa, of course, for the Rembrandts, the Rubens, the da Vincis and even for Napoleon’s apartments. The Mona Lisa was actually ahelluvalot easier to get to than I’d imagined. There wasn’t the crushing crowd that I expected. Maybe because it was a Monday.

If I have a tip for visiting the Louvre, it is that you must bring your own food – some fruit, perhaps, and biscuits. Food bought at the louvre are just an absolute rip-off! Anyone with AUD or even USD ought to be extra careful.

Also, don’t bother with the new multimedia guides (basically, PDAs). For €6, these things are just terribly useless and not quite as informative as I’d hoped they would be. But I think that’s just down to poor scripting/production. The Louvre people could certainly do a lot better.


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