White Trash

The best thing about where I stayed in Berlin was all the wonderful places to eat and drink that were all just around the corner – little bars, cafes, restaurants. One such place that seems to feature in every recent guide about Berlin is White Trash. It took me until my last night to pop in, persuaded finally by a Swiss tourist.

White Trash is basically a pub, but certainly does make an effort to live up to its name. The interior is kitschy and eclectic. It looks like somebody’s just bought a truckload of stuff from somebody else’s garage sale and whack them all here. To be really trashy, even the menu is foul-mouthed. For €7.50, they’ll serve you the English style fish and chips with malt vinaiger. The detailed description reads: “This stupid fish didn’t respect our way of life…’We breath AIR mother-fucker!’ So take that, Bitch! Jacked, jabbed, skinned & friend in our anti-terrorist beer batter served with our zero tolerance fuck-you fries, and two homemade fundamentalist sauces: Tartar & spicy cocktail.”

That one frightened the crap out of me so I settled for the “DAMN! FRESH FISH” which, as the menu assured, “Selected daily by Martin our Kitchen Chef. For good functioning sex glands & Real-Life RESULTS!” For €11.50 I got a massive, indeed fresh, rainbow trout. Not too bad, but I should have grabbed a side order of chips or salad; the fishy taste got to me.

This place always seemed to be busy every time I walked past it, but try going on a Tuesday night.

For Goths – check out East Cathedral, which is just a couple of doors down. I must admit I didn’t have the balls to go inside. Looking in from the sidewalk this place gave me the creeps. Also, the crowd standing by the doorway all dressed in black and looking as if they’ve just been dug out of a mausoleum didn’t exactly make me feel like I’d blend in.


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