Flea Markets in Berlin

Markets are always good places to visit in any city. It’s in them where you’ll find some orginal stuff like antique furniture, hand-printed shirts, vintage records, etc. If you’re not buying anything, then it’s at least fun to watch the hustle and bustle of a local flea market. Last Sunday, I popped into two of these in Berlin. Luckily, both were not too far away from each other, being just approximately 5 minutes walk apart.

My first stop was the smaller of the two, Arkonaplatz. This one seems like just one big garage sale. You’ll find people selling old toys, old CDs, some house piping, vintage clothes of all kinds, long discontinued camera models, furniture and so on. There are a few tourists, but most market-goers are locals. I even bumped into the guy who runs the cafe where I’ve been going to each morning here in Berlin.

Good for an early Sunday morning walkabout and see some interesting stuff. Then head off to the Mauerpark market which is just around the corner.

Mauerpark is big! Here you’ll find ahecofalot more. There are complete dinner sets, cheap old bikes, art, just about everything you can think of. Some English bloke was selling boomerangs; here in Berlin, of all places.

This place is definitely worth a visit, but do ensure that you include a Sunday in your visit to Berlin. Both markets open only Sundays. Directions are given below.


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