A Little Sinful Action

Speaking of Oranienburger Straße, here’s a tip for some of our readers who may not be above a little sinful act while on vacation. The street, lined with trendy restaurants and cafes, is also where you’ll find sex workers or, to put it bluntly, prostitutes. But these women are nowhere the same as those I saw in Barcelona and Madrid. In fact, the ladies on this Berlin street are some of the better presented I’ve seen anywhere. Some look as if they’ve just walked straight out of Ralph magazine. Apart from tight fitting tops or short skirts, there are no overly outrageous clothing and no flashing – they just stand there almost indistinguishable from the regular tourist or local.

Still, they’re easy to spot and if you don’t see them, they’ll certainly spot you. Hec, they can even immediately tell your language preference. “Wanna have a good time?” one asked me. Of course, I just smiled and said no thanks.

Like their sisters in Amsterdam, the Berlin ladies are a curiosity for tourists than anything else. Best to avoid eye contact if you don’t want to be bothered. Those seeking a little action, however, should note that the opening conversation takes place right on the sidewalk, in front of a few million people. If you’d rather be discreet about the matter, then I suggest going somewhere else.


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