Transport Tips for Milan

Like many other cities in Europe, Milan has a highly efficient public transport system. There are all sorts of methods – from the metro, trams (a mix of old and modern ones) and buses. For most tourists the metro will possibly be their main mode of moving around the city. Here’s a couple of tips.

If you’re planning on taking three or more trips on the metro over a 24-hour period, then get yourself the €3 ticket instead of paying €1 per trip. Also, the crazy thing about the Milan metro stations is that you have to ensure to enter the right set of turnstiles that leads to your platform. Otherwise, you have to come right back out again! If you need timetables, this website is useful.

Apart from the public transport, taxis are available but can be quite expensive. Use the taxis only when necessary, like if you have to get to Cadorna station or Milano Centrale for the Malpensa Express very early in the morning. That’s what I did yesterday morning, catching the taxi at 6AM, and found the service good, friendly and honest.

However, watch out for those drivers who hang around in front of Milano Centrale train station who offer fixed pricing. You could end up paying a whopping €45 for a fifteen minute drive!

Finally, just a word or two on the intercity trains in Italy. In my view, the Italians haven’t quite matched the Spanish level of service. Despite their relaxed pace of life, the Spaniards are always on time. Even the security is a big joke in Italy. One could literally just walk off the street, get on board a train without a ticket, and be in another city within two hours! On the other hand, the Spanish take the whole business seriously, possibly as a result of the Madrid bombings a few years ago, with all bags and tickets checked.

Still, travelling around the trains of any country in Europe does invitably make me think: an even bigger joke is Australia.


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