Arrivederci Florence

Two and half days in Florence was more than enough for me. For some, such as the more passionate art lover, this short visit may be a tad inadequate. An extra day or two is recommended in order to truly take in what Florence has to offer.

On the other hand, those who like to shop, especially all things leather, will have plenty of choices as there are dozens of specialist retailers everywhere or you could check out the markets outside of the San Lorenzo church as well as in Piazza del Mercato Nuovo. You’ll easily pick up good quality leather items for very good prices.

And where else to shop for some seriously fancy bling but, of course, along Ponte Vecchio? Both sides of this tiny bridge, that spans across the river Arno, are lined with little jewelry stores selling all the usual items – from watches, to rings, brooches, everything. Don’t ask me if you can haggle over prices as I pretty much just strolled past this place.

Finally, foodies are best advised, again, to stay off the main tourist routes. Just because you get to sit and dine across from the Palazzo Vecchio doesn’t mean that your spaghetti will be al dente. Indeed, it wasn’t until I reached Milan that I tasted my first decent pasta in Italy! That will be the subject of my next post.


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