Park Gueill

With few ideas on what to do next, I get on the metro, head for Vallarca stop, then up into Park Gueill. It’s an excursion that I do not recommend.

Firstly, Park Gueill is nothing more than a theme park, dedicated, of course, to Gaudi. Well, he designed the place. Don’t be expecting to see a vast expanse a la Hyde Park of London. Park Gueill is, frankly, boring. If you want to appreciate Gaudi, you’re better off seeing the Sagrada Familia. Secondly, make sure to carry your own water (or other drink supplies) and food. The park’s own cafeterias charge a fortune. I ordered a plate of 7 chicken nuggets and that cost €4.50!

Thirdly, the park is some 650 metres away from the Vallarca metro stop (1.2km from Lesseps), and more than half of this distance is walking uphill. Some sections are very steep – by my estimation, at least an angle of 45 degrees – although there are a couple of elevators along the route to the park’s entrance. In summer light clothing and good footwear are essential. Those with some kind of health problems, and who really feel like seeing the park, are probably best advised to take a taxi all the way up to the park entrance.

All in all, this place is for true Gaudi aficionados only. For the curious, you’re better off spending your time somewhere else.


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