For the Young and Old

One of the characteristics that struck me since arriving in Spain is that this is a country of old people. Far from being unseen, conveniently tucked away in some retirement home, waiting for “that” day to come, the country’s elderly folks can be seen all around: on the streets, in shopping malls, in tapas bars, in museums – everywhere. Some can barely manage to rise on their own two feet, yet they persevere nonetheless.

I happened to be reading an online travel guide this afternoon and in it the writer gives tips on keeping up with the Spanish stamina for partying late into the evening (or into the early hours as the case may be). One tip is to drink slowly, for example, and to pace one’s self.

But now I can’t help thinking that maybe there is a more important tip, or two, that we can and ought to learn from the Spaniards. A tip for when we are young; and a tip for when we are old.


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