Problems with My Tarjetas

What else is one to do immedately after hitting a new city but to go shopping? For clothes. In my case, unnecessary spending was the last on my mind, mainly due to the Aussie dollar’s recent slide against the Euro. But after seeing some of these Madrid locals, I had no choice. I needed some going out clothes, so off I went to H&M.

After just 3 minutes of picking a couple of shirts, both blue (yeah, yeah), I trot off to the cashier with my trusty American Express Platinum Credit Card at the ready. At this moment, I’m hit with the first problem.

“No, no American Express”, says the gorgeous checkout chick. With my eyes furtively fixed on her decolletage, I’m momentarily left reeling and unable to protest!

“Right, how about this Visa (Citibank)?” I ask. She takes the card and proceeds with the business. After what seems ages, and with a couple of people now right behind me, she turns and asks me to enter a PIN. Second problem.

I’m thinking, what fucking PIN? “We don’t use PINs in Australia”, I say to her, hoping that that would do some good.

But, of course, it didn’t! She begins to utter, “Pues…”, but before she could complete, I quickly interrupt and say, “OK, OK…I’ll pay with cash”.

And that was that. My two means of survival completely failing me. One unwelcome and the other inadequate. It’s enough to make a credit card marketer weep over a mojito. If this lot are any use, they should do something about that.


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