Hostal La Plata, Madrid

Got into Madrid last Monday after a quick ride on the fast train from Valencia. Another ride on the metro from Renfe Atocha and within 10 minutes I arrive at Gran Via, the heart of Madrid. Here I’m staying at the Hostal La Plata, a nice little place and within walking distance of most attractions, but nothing ever goes perfectly.

My room, for instance, only has one power outlet. In the bathroom! I spent the first five minutes after I walked in bending over backwards, moving the bed even, to try and find an elusive power outlet. But, nada! This makes writing my posts that bit extra hard to accomplish. I’ve now taken to actually either just writing as much as I can with the 60-minute battery life, before recharging, or plonking the laptop on the floor just by the bathroom door.

Other than that, Hostel La Plata is just fine for the €46 per night that they’re charging me. I have a private room with a double bed, a little place to work, the bathroom of course and free wifi!

Location is perfect, being right in what seems to be the heart of Madrid, a stone’s throw away from the restaurant and bar district. I was quite happy to make this discovery on my first night as I wandered about to set my bearings.

The family-run hotel is inside an old palace that is occupied also by other hotels. So don’t be fooled by the website as that grandiose appearance is not all of Hostal La Plata. Many small hotels in one building seems to be quite common here and the first time I’ve seen such an arrangement anywhere. Unfortunately, sharing one building means that no one of the hotels can put up a big sign up front for tired and weary travellers, who just want to crash after a long ride, to spot quickly and easily. Hostel La Plata is on 15 Gran Via, on the fourth floor. Make sure you’re right up by the building entrance and just look for their name along by the doorway.


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