Pub Crawling in Valencia

For a relatively small city Valencia has quite a number of hostels catering to the near-penniless youth/backpacker market. There are beds from as little as €13.50. I’m staying at the Indigo Youth Hostel myself (€17 per night in a 4-bed dorm), where I’m rooming with a couple of young Dutch ladies. More on them in another post.

Where there’s plenty of young people, there’s also plenty of boozing. One of the cheapest ways to do it here in Valencia (and to meet new people quickly) is to join a pub crawl that takes place every night. For €10, the tour leaders, travellers themselves, will take you to 4 different places, starting out in a small cosy joint and then working your way up to the bigger places and typically ending in a nightclub. My group drank its way through La Placa, Blau, Radio City then finally, Disco City. If I still remember it right I think got back to my hostel at about 3.30AM, while a few that remained standing stuck around til 5AM.

The venues change from night to night.

Your €10 should get you one of a glass of beer, sangria, agua de valencia or a shot of cheap whiskey. It depends on what’s on offer by the establishments you visit. Extra drinks are paid for separately.

Outside Blau

Outside Blau

But last night, a few of us went about the boozing even more cheaply. While looking for the next pub, we suddenly saw a bunch of locals drink in a little square just off Calle de Quart. We thought we’d join them. So off we went to a little grocery store, bought some drinks at €0.80 per can and drank the night away.


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