EasyHotel in Victoria

I’m now in Valencia, Spain – but before any further post about that, I wanted to briefly offer a few remarks about the EasyHotel property in Victoria, London, where I stayed.

Last week was the third time I’ve stayed in an EasyHotel property and the second time at their Victoria location. As far as convenience and location are concerned, the Victoria property is hard to beat. Too book a room is via the internet (this is how they keep their costs down) and the Victoria train station is just down the road, a short 5-minute walk away. If you’re taking a plane from Gatwick, then the Victoria property should be your first choice. Other EasyHotels in London are in Earl’s Court, South Kensington (where I stayed in 2006) and the newest opening, Paddington.

EasyHotel Budapest

EasyHotel Budapest

If you’re prepared to sacrifice luxury (or windows, as some rooms don’t have windows) for affordability, then EasyHotels are an option. But there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Firstly, booking a room requires immediate payment. While it’s possible to cancel, subject to an administration fee, you don’t actually receive a refund. Instead, the balance of what you paid is held in credit against your name which you can then use for future bookings. And that’s just really too bad for foreigners especially when the exchange rate suddenly swings against you! Secondly, the EasyHotels will charge a fee for just about anything else. For example, to activate your in-room TV (for 24 hours!) will cost £5. And don’t even try the wifi internet; that’s also £5, for an hour – extortionate considering that my wifi at this hostel, where I type these words, is entirely gratis. Thirdly, the small rooms are small! Careful when selecting these when you’re taking a big bag or two, as you’ll quickly run out of room. And finally, I don’t know about the other properties, but the Victoria one doesn’t have an elevator. So again, if you’ve got a heavy bag, it is a short struggle through narrow, winding stairs. But at least it’s good exercise.


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