Catching Up with a Friend

On my second last day in London, a friend of mine, let’s call her “B”, suggested that we meet on the corner of The Strand and Waterloo Bridge at 6.30P sharp. Her plan was to walk back across the bridge and down into Southbank for drinks and dinner. A fine idea, I thought, particularly since I’d see a new part of London (it’s where you’ll find the London Eye). Plus, I never say no to a woman; well, at least, not to her.

Seeing B always leaves me both happy and sad. Happy, of course, because – quite apart from the miles between us, we are equally distanced by the long months between when we meet – each meeting is a rarity that we both look forward to. And sad because I know that in no time at all, I shall have to say goodbye all over again. Perhaps therein lies that downside to travel: those necessary farewells.


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