Good Coffee Found in Soho

At last, some decent coffee! And Londoners can thank, not the Italians, but an Aussie and a Kiwi. 17 Berwick St, W1F OPT, in Soho, is Flat White – a little cafe not unlike those you’ll find in St Kilda or Wellington.

On my visit there yesterday afternoon, the place was bursting at the hinges. My order, an espresso and a “long black” (yes, they call it that instead of “Americano”), took some 5 minutes to arrive. But that was fine, as I whiled away my time seeing and beeing seen. On my left were a couple of gents talking shop about their next film project, and on my right were two colourfully attired Gen Y lassies – one in a red dress with white polka dots and the other in layers of RGB. The rest were a mix of regular business types and, I suppose, the odd well-informed tourist.

17 Berwick St, WIF OPT

17 Berwick St, WIF OPT

Flat White seems to be a rarity here, but if you know of any other that is just as good, then feel free to drop me a line. The nearest tube stop is Piccadily Circus.


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